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Choosing The Perfect Glasses Case

Seeing properly is the first reason many wear glasses, but in today’s world it is about so much more than that. They can be used to show the world who you are, to make a fashion statement, and at times as an accessory for certain ensembles. Because of that, glasses now come in a large selection of different styles, shapes, and types. To protect that investment one has to consider the type of glasses case they are going to use.

Choosing a hard or soft case is the first thing to consider. Both will protect your glasses, but at what degree depends upon how you use the case. A soft case is perfect for around the house, to store the glasses in while sleeping, showering or when not needed in the home. But a rigid case is perfect when you need to take your glasses with you. Providing protecting against being smashed in a purse, dropped while in the case and accidentally stepped on, and many other situations that can arise to cause harm to your glasses.

The next thing to look at is the closure on the cases. There are three general types: zip, slip in, and snap. A slip in case permits glasses to slip right inside easily, but the closures vary on this type. One style is open tops, with no closure at all, so glasses slip in and out quickly and easily. Another style is the fold over flap. This is secured by either a snap or a button depending on what type of material the case is. The other type of slip in style has a top that opens and closes as pressure is applied to the ends of it.

Zipper cases are fairly new in the past several years and are generally on hard cases. The case comes in a variety of sizes with options available for everything from small reading glasses to large sunglasses. The zipper closure keeps the glasses safely inside when not in use and the rigid cases provide protection from damage to the glasses. For those that like to store their glasses in their bags and are always on the go, this is a popular choice.

One of the most popular types is the snap shut case. These open and shut easily, although with time they may lose the firmness in which they close. Glasses can be stored and removed from this type very quickly and that makes them perfect for those who are constantly taking glasses off and putting them back on throughout the day. Also, they provide an added protection of a rigid case.

A glasses case isn’t just a necessity for glasses, in some cases it is also a fashion statement. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials today. Finding the right one to fit your needs is important though. Glasses can be a major investment and protecting that investment is necessary, especially when glasses are a needed part of your daily life.

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