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Candida Remedies

Good candida remedies focus upon understanding how this fungal yeast grows out of control and what to do to bring it back into balance.

Please Note: If you have had unprotected sex, a candida (yeast) infection can be the first sign of HIV infection. Please consider getting an HIV test to rule out AIDS.

In the long digestive tract, there is a collection of beneficial bacteria that live there and yes, yeast live there too. You hear so much bad stuff after these simple fungi that it�s hard to imagine that they serve any beneficial purpose. Just because we don’t know of any beneficial purpose of this fungal yeast doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

All we know is that candida resides alongside beneficial bacteria that perform a number of important tasks for our digestion and immune systems. Under normal conditions, we don’t know candida exist. But the problem is that a series of events has to take place in order for candida to decide that it wants first place, instead of last place in your body. Over time candida overgrowth spreads and causes a systemic (whole body) infection, which affects the brain and most major organs. A severe fatigue sets in that can accompany depression, weight gain, poor response to stress, lack of sex drive, sleep disorders, etc. Go to my Yeast Infection Remedy page for more details after you read this page. You will find both pages useful.

Candida infections are really difficult to get rid of and easily passed along during sexual intercourse. Men get yeast infections too but their infections are manifested in chronic bladder infections, impotence, oral thrush infection, low sperm count, prostate enlargement and anal infections/abscesses. They also get a candida rash, which they think is jock itch.

Women who take birth control pills are often plagued with candida infections. These drugs lower the immune system making the person more susceptible to HIV.

The approach to killing off Candida yeast overgrowth is based upon years of dealing with it:

  • Starve the yeast by robbing it of sugar, high carbohydrates and yeast/fermented foods.
  • Kill down the yeast by consuming sulfur-containing foods like garlic (or odorless Garlic capsules) and by consuming TwinLab Yeast Fighters , which is complex made to be a yeast antagonist that does not harm beneficial flora.
  • Build up beneficial bacteria in the gut by consuming Acidophilus , kefir and yogurt foods.
  • Re-build the immune system with a high-grade multi (such a Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron capsules ), and Vitamin C (Ester C) to bowel tolerance.
  • See Natural Cold Remedies to learn more about immunity.