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Back Pain Remedy

A good back pain remedy focuses on the following:

  • The underlying causes of the back pain
  • Relief of aches and pain
  • Prevention of back pain

Back pain is actually a complex issue. We think of it as a simple, common malady, but it can be caused by prostate, urinary, or reproductive problems, or a congested pelvis, or constipation, or even gallstones.

For the purpose of this site, we will discuss a back pain remedy that is used to relieve back pain brought on by stress, exertion, or emotional pain.

I have met quite a few people who had back pain due to the fact that they had a job that was continually requiring them to show a backbone? Its no accident that by the time they got home at night their back was throbbing. Their poor backs were worn out from bearing that load?all day. These people admittedly had problems delegating work to others. They were carrying far more than they were actually able to handle.

One person had a job delivering the mail and needed to raise the seat in their car. Another person had a bad chair at work and the new chair gave them some much-needed relief. Another young lady stopped wearing super high heels in favor of a pain free life. Another man, after struggling with his weight for years, had obesity surgery, which helped him to lose weight and take the pressure off of his spine.

So what can you do right now to relieve back pain?

  1. Turn the TV set off and unwind in a hot tub of Bath Therapy (for aches and pain) crystals or plain Epson salts and peppermint essential oil. Force yourself to think of something pleasant and refuse to try and solve problems during this time. Lock the bathroom door if you have to. Shut out the world. Nobody seems to be able to relax anymore. Stay in the tub at least thirty minutes. This is your time!
  2. Afterward, do not have any stressful conversations.
  3. Rub on Nature’s Herbs Boswellin Cream and go to bed early. I suspect that you are sleep deprived.
  4. Take Melatonin
    if you cant sleep. (Read the label. If you are on anti-depressants, sleeping pills, or have an autoimmune disorder refrain. Study the label.)
  5. Follow this practice at least three nights to rebalance the body.
  6. Then consider taking a comprehensive multi-vitamin
    Magnesium Malateto better weather stress that shows up in your back. (I quit many years ago telling people to reduce or avoid stress. Forget it!)
  7. Avoid sugar as much as possible. It strips the body of vital nutrients and puts us on edge. Our bodies dont need the extra stress.

If these simple measures do not work for you, then its time to examine more serious root causes. See your doctor for persistent, unrelenting back pain.