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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment


is a disorder that is characterized by lesions of the small intestine of human worms-Ascaris, which have red-and-white coloring and a spindle shape. Males of this species can reach 20 cm in length, and females a lot more reach 40 cm in length and 6 mm in thickness. Roundworm grow quickly, due to the fact that in the body of females is more than 25 million eggs, which have a completely different degree of maturity. So, one day an adult female can lay at least 200 thousand eggs, which in turn come in fertilized and not fertilized in the external environment. Eggs that are already fertilized, can be oval in shape, having a brown shell.


Causes of ascariasis lie in the violation of the rules of hygiene. The main source of disease is sick person along with the feces emit into the external environment of the eggs of Ascaris, with the result that, under favorable conditions, they Mature within them begin to form Mature larvae. When eating unwashed fruits and vegetables in the body gets egg roundworm and is already a Mature larva, which is distributed throughout the body via blood vessels. Then re-phase intrusion, and begins a continuous cycle of movement of Ascaris in the intestines and throughout the body as a whole.

After contact with larvae in the human body it begins to develop in the intestine and then absorbed into the blood and lymph vessels, spread throughout the body, affecting vital organs. 10 days after infection roundworm penetrate the lungs, bronchi, and mouth, which starts re-infection through the saliva into the intestine, where ascarids reach full maturity. This process lasts for three months, going through two main stages

  • migratory stage where the larva moves around the body
  • intestinal stage at which the larva is developed in the small intestine and begins to grow rapidly.

Most often develops ascariasis in children and in people who are in contact with the soil, for example people working for the farmers. Ascariasis in adults develops in the course of the year, hence the need for systematic prevention of worms and remove them at the initial stage of development. Adult roundworms may cause mechanical injuries to the human body, as they have a very solid body structure and very agile.


Symptoms of ascariasis may manifest sneezing, cough, skin rash, and itching in the nose and respiratory tract. Depending on in which phase is the development of disease in humans manifest different symptoms

  • migration phase the person may feel very fatigued and unwell, also cough, sometimes with discharge of mucus and blood streaks, as well as possible allergic reactions and rashes on the skin
  • intestinal phase the patient has loss of appetite, the onset of fatigue, vomiting, nausea, sudden weight loss and severe abdominal pain, which is why there is diarrhea or constipation.

In any case, the main features of ascariasis is a constant fatigue, nausea and reduced performance.


Diagnosis of ascariasis, as well as any other disease goes through several stages, prescribed by the doctor and are carried out in special medical institutions.

The diagnosis of ascariasis

  • the eggs of ascarids are detected initially in the feces or sputum of the sick person.
  • appointed a blood test, in which the detection of antibodies against Ascaris.
  • conducted x-rays of the lungs, as in the picture you can see clusters of cells, which would indicate that the roundworm was struck by these bodies.
  • assigned to radiography of the intestine, which easily shows the accumulation of ascarids.

Diagnosis of ascariasis is also involves the consultation of infectious diseases doctor that will properly prescribe and carry out all necessary procedures.


All treatment ascariasis reduced to the administration of antihelminthic drugs, after which, ascarids removed from the body.

Prevention of ascariasis

Prevention of ascariasis in the first place, is to observe basic rules of personal hygiene which are brought to the washing of hands before food and fresh vegetables and fruits before consumption. Parents should monitor their children, not allow them to take by mouth dirty things. These rules are simple, but mandatory only if compliance can be prevented from falling into the body of Ascaris. At the first sign of symptoms of Ascaris you need to consult a doctor and pass all required tests.