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Home Remedy for Ingrown Hair

A good home remedy for ingrown hair focuses upon understanding what causes an ingrown hair and how to relieve this painful condition.

The hair that grows on the body isnt only there for appearance. Although it does look strange to see a person without any eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. (Conversely, I happen to think that totally bald men are very attractive because they are usually blessed with very handsome faces.)

Hair has a prescribed life cycle and anything that protrudes from the surface of the skin, or the scalp, is actually dead protein (keratin) particles.

For the purpose of this article, the home remedy for ingrown hair focuses on relieving painful ingrown hairs on the face where consistent shaving takes place.
Daily Practices That Cause/Promote Ingrown Hair:

  1. Using a dull razor is one of the best ways to promote ingrown hair. A dull blade does not ably cut the scalp hair evenly, but rather leaves it jagged and causes it to catch?the surrounding hair follicle column and it becomes trapped as it grows, instead of cleanly growing up and out, as it should.
  2. Using petroleum based face shaving gel or foam that plugs the skin cells and hair follicles. If you use one of these make sure you wash your face with a mild face soap (that doesnt strip the skin of natural oils that preserve young looking skin) afterward to wash off the waxy substances found in these products. Let your skin breath!
  3. Not shaving for several days and then aggressively shaving with a dull blade.
  4. Not periodically exfoliating the skin to slough off crusted, old skin cells that overlay on top of hairs and trap hair just underneath the surface of the skin. (Dead sea salt mixed with peppermint oil makes an invigorating skin scrub that refreshes and makes your skin look and feel younger.)
  5. Using an electric razor, instead of soap and water. Electric razors generally do not shave as close as a good blade and the hair follicles become irregular and grow out abnormally producing an ingrown hair.

What To Do If You Feel an Ingrown Hair Developing

The first thing a person generally feels is a small bump, or lump on their face, usually around the chin, or neck. They cant really see that a tiny hair has become trapped below the surface. Touching the bump really hurts!!

How do you relieve this painful bump? I am glad you want to know!! Becauseas long as you shave you want to avoid painful ingrown hair!! The quicker you act, the smaller the ingrown hair bump will grow.