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How much does it cost to go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned in the USA



Depending on what state you live in for New Patient Intermediate Visit costs around $118 or for a Periodic Oral Exam could cost $70. X-Rays can cost around $162. and Regular Teeth Cleaning can cost around $117.
If you don’t have dental or medical insurance, I know of a consumer driven company that has benefits (not insurance) that can cost less than the above figures. It would cost you around $37. for the Initial Oral Exam, and around $14. for Periodic Oral Exam and X-Rays would cost around $65 and Regular Teeth Cleaning could cost around $47. Just go to


$100 is a good estimate. The cleaning appointment and fee usually includes an initial exam and xrays.
This $100 estimate is assuming that you do not have dental insurance. Most US dental insurance covers a yearly cleaning and exam with xrays for almost nothing.


I just had mine cleaned~ $40


I guess it depends where you go. We have a dentist here in sioux falls SD that is a public health building and they do teeth cleaning for $25 or cheaper if you bring in check stubs and qualifie. so mabey look around your city for something like that.


$70 to $140. It depends on your area, it may be higher than that, but those are the estimates I got in NW Indiana.




All of this would depend on which part of the country you go to, the dentist’s personal fee settings, and if there will be x-rays taken at the time of the appointment.
My office (in the northeast) is $95 (cleaning only) and $110 (cleaning and x-rays).