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How much does it cost to bleach your teeth at the dentist s?



don’t know I heard around $800


Varies by area, but I am thinking a couple 100 dollars.


I have no idea, but I would love to find out!


Normally between $200 and $500, but sometimes more depending on where the office is and the method they use.


I dont know where you live…It depends on where you living.
But all i know is that if you live in USA than its cheaper in Mexico..About 40 dollars cheaper.


prob between 250 and 750, well worth it imo


It cost almost a thousand when I got it! But then again, I live in the Bay Area and my dentist is in a ritzy area. They don’t bleach them at the dentist, what happened with me was they had to make impressions of my teeth in order to create trays for my teeth. Then they give you the trays and the bleaching gel and you wear them at home. You will have to do it several times, it’s kinda a pain in the butt but worth it if you keep up with it. I never finished mine but still want to.
Good Luck


our office charges normally 599.00 for zoom, however it is on special for 399.00 but if you pay in full the same day it is 299.00. Hope that helps a little. If you want the name of the office just email me.good luck