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How long will it take for my jaw to heal from my wisdom teeth being taken out?

I had my Wisdom teeth(4) cut out last Thursday.I have been on cloud 9 since then.I just went back to work today and had to kick the pain killers for Tylenol because the pain killers are putting me on cloud 9.I was wondering what the average time for Healing is?Im sore right now and cant even bite down on anything.My stitches are the ones that dissolve so thats good.I have lost 3 pounds though so thats a plus.



For the swelling and pain to go away should be within a couple more days. As far as the holes closing..It takes about 4-6 months not a biggy tho. Good Luck


Average time for this to heal is about 10-14 days, your jaw will feel less sensitive after about a week, I used Ibuprophen to help with pain and swelling, and it won’t put you on cloud 9 lol, ice packs can also be used in 15 mins increments, which also helps reduce swelling and pain. Hope you feel better soon!


i had all 4 of mine taken out without going to sleep.it took about a week for the pain to go away, but i had a funky taste in my mouth from the stitches…


You’ll feel better after a couple days 🙂
Outside of the cut will be heal in about a week,
but the inside take more time, about 2 – 4 weeks