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How long will it take for my adult tooth to grow back?

i am 13 almost 14.
i just had 2 of my baby teeth pulled out yesterday cuz the dentist said the new tooth was coming in and my baby teeth were barely loose.
1) how long do u think it will take for my adult teeth to come
back fully?
2) how long do u think it will take for my adult teeth to start to
come out and start showing?
i really hope they start showing before september 7th cuz thats when my school starts!
and i don’t wanna start high school like this!



Adult teeth don’t “come back”, they are entirely new teeth. If you had baby teeth pulled, the adult teeth will grow in when they’re good and ready. You can’t make them grow any faster. [Sorry]. But if the dentist pulled the baby teeth because the adult ones are growing, I’d say they should start coming in within the next couple weeks.
I had to have my last baby tooth pulled when I was like, 15. My adult tooth grew in before the baby one even got loose, and it just pushed the baby tooth out of the way to make room. It was kinda painful, so it’s a good thing you got those baby teeth pulled out now.
Considering it’s only the beginning of July, I’m pretty sure your adult teeth will be grown in by the time you start school 🙂
Good luck with the braces too. You’re a lot better off getting them now when you’re younger, don’t put it off longer than you have to. But wait until your parents get the insurance. lol.


1)about one month and a bit
2)a few weeks maybe sooner
if the dentist pulled your teeth chances r he pulled it becuse your adult tooth was very close to comeing in but some times baby teeth do not get wiggley