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How long does it take for your teeth to move after taking off retainer?

ok so my retainers hook (those too hook thing on the sides) got loose..so i called my dentist and she said to bring em in and then she sent it to the laboratory to fix it..and it’s been like 7 days…how long will it take for my teeth to move back to its position…i checked it everyday since and my teeth shifted a little…not noticable..can some1 please help!!



Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? If you clench your teeth at night that will make your teeth shift througout your life. If your teeth shift some in this time frame, you can put your retainer back in when you get it, and it might be tight at first, but it will move them back. The retainer will feel normal again the next time you wear it.


it will take a white…something similar happen to me…and I’m still waiting.maybe a month.hang in there..