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How long does it take for the pain to subside after you ve had your wisdom teeth

I had mine removed a week ago and now all of my teeth really hurt. The pain comes and goes, but it is a sharp and very uncomfortable pain. How much longer do I have until my mouth feels alright?



i dont know i was fine after 3 days still had bleeding but no pain if it persists till the end of this week i’d advise you to see your dentist or your gp.


gargle with warm salt water and also gargle with olive oil or canola oil.
Take Motrin and fix a hot water bottle for jaws
ice and then heat every 20 min.
(use an empty plastic bottle, fill with water)


I had mine out a long time ago, but I don’t recall having any sharp pains. It was mainly a dull throbbing pain, after about a week, it was pretty much gone. I think I’d have a visit to a doctor or your dentist.


Hopefully you better by the time I am writing this. If it is bothersome call your dentist or whoever removed them and see if they will give you a mild pain killer. Otherwise take ibuprofen or something like that. Do not drink through a straw and try to rest. Those really hurt coming out. Should be over soon. I feel for you.


oh my goodness I feel your pain. getting wisdom teeth is the worst I was uncomfortable fore almost two weeks. the pain is somewhat unbarable. my dentist told me a week an and half to two weeks. if it keeps bothering you call and ask.