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How long does it take for teeth to shift?

I had my wisdom teeth pulled and now I need to get the next tooth pulled – i can’t afford a bridge and was wondering how long does it take for teeth to shift – do i need the bridge at all?



Teeth can begin to move every so slightly within a few days. Which tooth are needing to get pulled next? Is it the molar that was next to your wisdom teeth? If so, then a bridge isn’t really what you need. A bridge is for when you’re filling in a space between two other teeth. If it’s the second molar that you’re getting out next, you may want to consider an implant.


it usually takes anywheres from 25 to 45 minutes.


3 minutes


it takes about a year. depends on how bad the teeth are and how well you are taking care of them


2 yrs


I had all my wisdom teeth pulled and i never got a bridge im not sure what you mean by teeth shifting but I just waited for my gums to heal and once they did i started chewing my food in the back of my mouth just like i did when i had teeth and i never had any problems


Honestly around 1 or 2 years um if you are over 13 then maybe less than 1 year, but i wish it happened when i wanted it to!!!


I had 4 wisdom teeth removed when I was a teen. They were impacked and made all my teeth ache. The pain (except for the holes in my jaws) went away imediately, but my teeth didnt shift for a couple of months, and it all filled in nicely. GL