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How do you volunteer yourself for cosmetic surgery practical exams for liposucti

is there any medical facility in northern california that cosmetic surgery students use when they have to go before the board to take their practical exams in order to be licensed



Nice try.
Nope, all doctors practice on real live paying patients. We start doing it in medical school, and continue all the way through residency and fellowship. We get more and more responsibility as we are better trained. That is how medical education works.
BTW, for plastic surgeons to be Board certified, they submit a list of the cases they’ve done, with photos. They don’t operate as an exam. They operate for years and years prior to their exams, and it all counts.


I don’t know but that’s not something that you wanna be a guinea pig for.


They take written exams, not clinical ones, and usually they practice on cadavers(dead bodies donated to schools), not live people. Besides, who would want a silly student practicing on my looks.