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How do you make a person faint like in the movies?

I’ve seen in the movies that when a person hits the side of the neck of another person, he/she faints or falls asleep or something like that. also, in other movies, they sort of grab the shoulder or something like that. Is that real? and if so, how do you do it?



Yeah it’s real, but I highly recommend you DON’T do it. Don’t forget in the movies…they’re acting and not actually doing that. But none the less on the shoulder in those little divits seperating your shoulder muscle from your collar bone, there are A LOT of nerves in that area, and by pinching it just right you can send the nerves into a state of panic, which sends the message to the brain to shut down the body as a saftey mechanism. So that’s were the pinching and karate chopping comes in. If you do it wrong though, (e.x. pinch the nerves for too long) then you can permantly damage the person mentally and physically, and I have heard of cases of people dying because of it. So yes it’s true, but don’t do it to a friend for a laugh, because you won’t be laughing if you do it wrong.


you usally grab their throat or use chloro


just eat some really good beans and the fart.the person will pass out FAST!


That “Star Trek” move by Dr. Spock isn`t real.