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How do you live for ever?



you don’t


the elixer of life….or faith.


it’s impossible.


Live good and go to heaven!!


obey and honor your parents, its in the bible


Leave your house NOW! Quit your job, abandon your family, and devote ALL of your money and resources to discovering the Fountain of Youth!!
I think it’s somewhere in the Himilayas Mountains, BUT be CAREFUL …It’s guarded closely by fire-breathing, giant turtle-lizards!!


maybe someday you could have every function of your mind modeled to a computer program (you will need a super duper computer), you won’t be “alive”, but your conscious will live on (Just hope no one unplugs the computer). Otherwise have yourself deep freezed and when they figure out eternal life, they will thaw you out.


Live forever by teaching your children good moral values.


I can not answer your question, but i think if you read some books of metaphysics, you will find the answer. I recommend to you the books of Brian Weiss, these are very interesting. Same Soul, Many Bodies is the first and the more popular, perfect to begin. Good luck!!


I think Queen answered it best: “Who wants to live forever?” Seriously, think about the illnesses and degeneration that affect older people’s bodies. Now think about those processes continuing forever . . .


you can’t. but you can make yourself “unforgettable” there-by ensuring your “immortality” so to speak. the thing is to do great things. you can do this two ways. you can do great good things or great bad things. perfect example, george washington. most americans won’t ever forget him. in the other end of the spectrum, there’s adolf hitler. i don’t think people would forget him either. take your pick. if you’re a religious person, you could consider your soul being immortal, but i don’t know enough about the persona you take on after you die. if you’re still you or you forget your earthly existence. you know what i mean…


Well, to my knowledge you, are an energy in a physical body, and since energy doesn’t die, I would basically say you won’t either. Look at the toaster, it was created for a certain purpose, you plug it into the energy source the electricity goes into it and it does its job. When the toaster is unplugged, it’s dead. We are plugged into the energy source through breathing. Stop breathing and guess what happens sooner or later. The energy Leaves the body. The body dies, the spirit lives on. There’s some verse in the Bible that says something like “That which is physical. is physical and that which is spiritual is spiritual” ( Sorry can’t remember where.) I do know that we are all here to learn, and to teach one another. (All is to learn, all is to teach)


Simple…do something that will put you in school books.


ask it’s to your body.