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How do you cure a tummy pain?



use those tum tum things, haven’t u seen the cummercial


depending on what kind of pain, try gas x. works great for me. if that doesn’t work try ginger candies, you can get them most health food stores


You could try tums for the tummy, If you think it isn’t serious pain, or have a big glass of 7up over ice . If it is a sick stomach that should take care of it.
If it is more servere pain and continues a long time and seems to get worse. Then you should see a doctor, if it is in the side it could be the appendicitis.
Or in the lower bottom of belly , and sore when you touch it could be female trouble.
If it is top of stomach above Navel, and feel swollen,could be Gall bladder trouble, or you ate to much gassy foods. If there is a burning in you’re top of stomach. you may have eat to much spicy food.
If not better call a nurse on call in a hospital, see if you need medical help,see a Doctor.
Queen Bee


Take some caminative mixture or chew few mint leaves. If no relief go to a doctor


wow- you need to get really specific with this.
some questions that need to be answered are…
where do you live?
have you been swimming recently?
what have you eaten recently?
how bad is the pain?
are you vomiting?
do you have any diarrhea?
where exactly is the pain in your torso?
all these things need to be taken into account and could be the difference between a bad case of bottulism, deadly taenia solium, or something simple like lactose intolerance.