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How do you convert mg to teaspoons?



Often times in the pharmacy where I work, we are required to determine the proper dosage of a liquid medicine for a child. The others are right – you can’t directly convert milligrams to teaspoons, but you could determine a proper dosage if you know the ratio of mg to mL for a particular medicine.
For example, Claritin, a popular antihistimine, comes in a strength of 1 mg/mL. This means for every mL ingested, 1 mg of the medicine is taken. If a doctor wants his or her patient to have 5mg of the medicine, then they would say “take 5mL by mouth every day,” or something of the sort.
To convert mL to teaspoons, use 5 mL as a conversion factor. That is, there are approximately 5 mL in 1 teaspoon. So if you were prescribed 10 mL of a medicine, you would take 2 teaspoons; 15 mL is equivalent to 3 teaspoons, and so on.
I hope I helped. If you need any more information, feel free to message me.


One is mass and the other is volume – you need a density to convert them.
Density = mass/volume
teaspoon = volume
mg = mass


I don’t think you can do it directly. Milligrams are a measure of mass/weight; teaspoons are a measure of volume. You have to know the density of the material you’re measuring first.


check out onlineconversion.com
That site has a program that can calculate things like that for you.


conversion sites can only give you approximate estimations of how many mg in a teaspoon or tablespoon because it all depends on WHAT you’re measuring. (how much it weighs) An mg of one thing might take up more of a tsp then an mg of something else.


Sorry you can’t do that directly.
It would be like converting pounds to gallons, see?


A teaspoon is 5 mL
A tablespoon is 15mL


You have to discover the concentration of the drug. Then it’s simple math. Without knowing the concentration, you can’t do it.


My teaspoons weigh about 5 grams. That’s about 5000 mg each.


Well I have 3 kids so I have a drawer full of medicine cups… So if I had to convert I would probably pour 10 mg into a cup, then pour that into a cup that measures by teaspoons and I would have my answer… Yes I know I’m pathetic… But I’m FUN too lmao


1 teaspoon = 5 mL