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How do you become a Pediatric surgeon?

Like Ben Carson? He is a pediatric neurosurgeon.
So did he just do a residency in neurosurgery then just decided he wanted to do pediatrics or did he do pediatrics then neurosurgery?
What is the standard procedure on this.



The standard procedure is to train in surgery first (general surgery if you want to be a pediatric surgeon; neurosurgery if you want to be a pediatric neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgery if you want to be a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, etc.)
Pediatricians are useless in the OR, except for neonatal resuscitation at C-sections. Other than that, we don’t see them in the OR at all.
To become a pediatric surgeon, you’d then do a fellowship in pediatric surgery (they do procedures that general surgeons don’t do). If you want to focus on the pediatric cases in another surgical subspecialty, you could do additional training, or you could just go out there and limit your practice to pediatric cases. The other surgical specialties include some pediatric cases in their training.
In medicine, you can ALWAYS do more training. Look at everything Ben Carson did:


Go To School


stay out of trouble cause any kind of record will keep you out of dr. programs. Dont worry about sex and parties. Go to school study hard and pay attention in class


The standard is to do surgery (neurosurgery or general surgery), followed by a pediatric fellowship. Pediatrics is not a surgical field, so it will not prepare you in the slightest to operate on kids, even though you understand their physiology and disease conditions better.