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How do u make yourself vomit?



Put your finger down your back side of your toungue and wiggle it a little. Why do you want to know this? This is not a wise idea for a diet. But good for drinking too much.


I don’t and neither should you.


its not healthy so dont make urself puke


You don’t.


WHY? Horrible thing to do to yourself and not healthy at all!


eating something yucky or imagine yourself being in a discusting situation,for example watching someone eating a baby’s poops..u are surely going to throw up..it works for me… 🙂


First ask why you want to make yourself vomit? Emotionally, what are your motivations for wanting to get rid of what you ingested? Consider the answer carefully because once you start this behavior it may become a habit and lead to all sorts of other problems.


why would you want to make yourself vomit?
oh well put a spoon at the back of your throat
until you vomit.


Don’t be stupid in case it is to loose weight.


I first would like to know, are you anorexic, or bulimic? Because if you are, then honey you need help. But if it is for a good reason, then stick your finger in the back of your throat, and wiggle it a little. Be warned, go to the bathroom and stand over your toilet before doing it.


Not a smart thing to do …..So i wouldn’t do it


First of all if u r trying to do this to lose weight stop now !! Look up the Karen Carpenter story and u will see the reality of it ! If its because you need to induce vomiting due to ingesting a toxic substance the safest way to do this is by drinking ipecac syrup that u can buy over the counter at ur local drug store.


There are natural herbs that induce vomitting when it is necessary to vomit. Or, simply put your fingers down your throat and tickle it. It’s fine to induce vomitting when you’ve eaten something disagreeable. The feeling to vomit is nature’s way of saying ‘get it out’. But don’t cultivate the habit for other reasons. There will be deleterious repercussions.


Vomiting is the act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth. Other names for vomiting include emesis, regurgitation, disgorgement, chucking and puking. Vomiting is coordinated in the vomiting center in the medulla. Vomiting involves the stimulation of chemoreceptor trigger zone in the vomit centre which can lead to vomiting. There are various imput sources for the vomit centre such as chemoreceptor trigger zone, vestibulocochlear nerve, Cranial nerve X (vagus nerve), Vagal and enteric nervous system, and the CNS.
The act of vomiting involves protecting the enamel of the teeth from stomach acid by increasing salivation in the mouth, retroperistalsis (reverse of peristalsis), lowering of intrathoracic pressure and increasing abdominal pressure, so that the contents of the stomach are propelled up through the esophagus and into the mouth (and then hopfully in o the toilet!).
Vomit can contain food, blood, faecal matter, or bile.
Vomiting is dangerous because the person vomiting can be at risk of aspirating vomit leading to asphyxiation or suffer aspiration pneumonia. Prolonged vomiting can lead to dehydration which may alter blood pH and depleat potasium and chlorine.
The easiet way to vomit is to intentionally stimulate the constrictor muscle located in the back of the throat with a finger or other object. You could use an emetic to induce vomiting. Some sights or smell can also stimulate the vomiting centre (e.g. watching someone vomit, smelling baby poo). Violent coughing, binge drinking will also cause you to vomit.