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How do I measure liquid in a syringe?

I need to get 2 ml in a syringe thats 3 cc. Which line do I measure to? Is there an online reference that I could use? Thanks!



Yeah, it’s pretty easy.
1 ml = 1cc
For some reason that is unknown to me, the medical profession insists on using a dry measurement for liquids.
Who knows.


uh, 2ml is 2cc.


1 ml=1cc pull the tip of the plunger (black rubber piece)back to 2 cc this accounts for residual in syringe


The first line near the needle is the starting line (line0) Follow the graduation three steps upward. for 3cc.


Hi there.
There are levels in the syringe plunger 1 cc, 2 cc, 3 cc.
As a rule, when you measure clear liquids, measure the level at where the concavity is.
WHen measuring a colored solution, ( like blood), use the convexity level of the fluid.