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How do I know if I ve become dependent on Ambien??

I’ve taken it every night for nearly 2 months… I’m afraid to NOT take it because I’m finally sleeping while on it… what are the signs of dependence or addiction to this drug? Thanks.



First off: The doctor who prescribed you Ambien is the best person to answer this question. But since you are using byedr.com:
The benefits of Ambien usually wear out after using it for a long time. After a while you may wake up earlier than usual even after you’ve taken Ambien the night before. Some people also get vivid dreams and feel restless even during their sleep. These would be some of the possible signs that it would be a good time to gradually stop taking Ambien. But the best time to stop taking Ambien would also depend on whether the underlying cause of your sleep problems has been resolved/improved or not.
Ambien is not too aggressive or too addictive though. If you would stop taking Ambien, sure you would have a hard time falling asleep for 2 or 3 nights but after that you would probably be fine. It’s best to gradually reduce the dosage if your doctor advises you to stop taking it rather than going cold turkey.
Ambien is not a benzodiazepine so it’s much safer than many other sleeping pills.
However it should always be your goal not to need any sleep aids at all. Talk about your doctor and create an Ambien ‘exit-plan’ with him/her.


The main tip off will be if you cannot fall asleep without it.