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How do I begin taking YAZ oral contraceptive ?

My doctor is putting me on Yaz for acne and PMDD, not necessarily as an oral contraceptive but that will be a plus for hubby and me!
Can anyone tell me how to start taking it? I’ve read the insert and it is so freaking confusing! One option is taking the first pill within 24 hours of first day of period. I don’t wish to do that because my period is so irregular it could literally be two months until I have another one.
The other option read something like taking the first pill on a sunday and then taking x number of pills and then throwing out the pack and starting a new pack… yadda… yadda. yadda.
What the heck!?!?!? Any easy way to do this??



I have been taking birth control for about 9 years..I would recommend the Sunday start method. It is just easier because the pill packs start on a Sunday and you don’t waste any pills.
You will take the first pill in your pack on the Sunday after your next period starts.that also means that if you start your period on a Sunday, then you start your pills that day too.
So, for example, if you started your period yesterday, you will start your pills on this Sunday.
You may have to wait around for your period, like you said, but believe me, it will be easier if you Sunday start.
It sounds like you have never been on birth control before so I will give you some advice- I will recommend that you take them at night right before bed, maybe when you are brushing your teeth. I found that when I started taking it, I would feel kind of queasy during the day. Now I just sleep through it (it isn’t bad enough to wake you). Also, if you forget to take one, take is as soon as you remember, then take your next one at your regular time.


first of all, choose a time that would suit you and would be most convienent to take at the same time everyday…
an easy way would be to take the first one when your next period starts. and just go on from there