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How did you prepare for the MCAT ?

i was comparing the way people prepare these days for the MCAT, i took it YEARS ago.
like the books used, time spent, etc.



I bought a few books of practice tests and did four of them, so about 24 hours prep in all and got a 37Q.


I bought the big Kaplan review book. No courses or sets of textbooks, but I did study the Kaplan book cover to cover. I studied it over a period of three months, got a 42S on the MCAT.


I took it so long ago it was under the old format, and the way I prepared was that I went to the city I was taking it in a day early and got rip-roaring drunk. I figured I’d been in college 3 1/2 years and there was no point in doing any additional studying.


Don’t listen to any of these people. Yahoo are full of quacks pretending that they are doctors or medical students. Go to www.studentdoctor.net , where there are certified medical students and doctors there who can help you.
Personally, I plan to take the MCATs next year. I will buy the exam krackers books, take some of the AAMC practice tests, study like crazy a couple of months before the test, and pray to God that I do well.
Good luck.


Hardrockingjoe’s advice is good. If you’ve got some bucks burning a hole in your pocket, the Kaplan or Princeton Review courses can help. Some colleges may have similar courses for considerably less money (check with the pre-med adviser or the Testing Center). You want to pay special attention to your chemistry knowledge. Chemistry is the single biggest contributor to the MCAT. You’ll have to know both general chemistry and organic chemistry. Another skill that is extremely valuable is to be able to read rapidly with comprehension. Many of the questions will have a reading selection and a number of questions about the reading. One way to prepare for this is to rapidly read the editorial page of a major newspaper (like the NY Times). Your goal here is to read rapidly with comprehension. After you read a column or editorial, write down as much as you can remember about the major points of the article. Go back & see how well you did.