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How competitive are these scores?

Verbal 12
Physics 12
Biology 12
Writing Sample P
GPA 2.9 — low b/c of past stress disorder.
Where do I find more information on this? Thanks.



the MCAT is great, but that GPA isn’t going to get you in. I had a 3.4 and it was difficult getting in on the first try with a 37Q on the MCAT. You should try to go for a masters in biomedical science, physiology, or clinical anatomy. This will give you a chance to redeem yourself for the poor GPA and will also help you in med school.
Oh, the guy below me is wrong, you won’t get into a DO program, the average accepted is around 3.6. Also, just saying you had a stress disorder won’t help you, as med school is stressful, they will just think you can’t handle it. Like I said, going to get a masters would demonstrate an ability to handle difficult coursework.


Good MCAT but your GPA will not get you into anywhere very easily. You won’t get a chance to say my GPA is bad because of a stress disorder. And to be honest, you’re going to be stressed for a very long time and you need to be able to deal with it.
Getting an advanced degree may help you a lot. In addition, you could always look for D.O. programs. Often these programs have lower requirements for admittance (or at least an interview).