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How can you calcute how many hours one works per week or per day ?

is it fact or fiction.



Take your total number of hours you worked for the week and divide it by the number of days you worked that week. For example I worked 40hr for 5 days. 40/5=8


I look at my time card.


In my mind, for a day if I work 8-5, I imagine a clock with a 12pm on it. 8-12 is 4 hours. 12-5 is 5 hours. Then I add 4 5 = 9.


pay * hourly * total amount of hour for the week. give you your total.


I don’t know how to calcute.


Go through all your time cards and convert minutes to 100ths of an hour. Add up all your clock-out times, and then all your clock-in times.
Subtract the total of the clock-in times from the total of the clock-out times to get hours worked in hours and 100ths.


if you are good at MS Excel, it can calculate hours based on clock times..


Please tell me that this is not a serious question