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How can u hide lortab in a urine test?



It’ll be kindof hard to hide the pills because the container and the urine are both transparent. Maybe you could wrap them up in some tin foil and the person won’t know that it’s lortab.


what’s lortab?


Lortabs are codeine and Tylenol. It depends on the test, but go to the head shop and get a beverage that they sell that flushes your system. You need to follow the directions closely. Read the bottle to see if it covers what you are trying to mask.


did you mean how you can flush out loritab in your system before taking a drug test?… and i don’t think you can… what you should do is let the person who is doing the test know beforehand that you took (take loritab) for pain.. (because that’s what they’re for..and they’re not illegal) and that way when and if it shows up they already know..


Hi, I would recommend waiting 24 hours and if you took more than one wait for a couple of days. I would not tell them that you took it, because it is illegal to ingest a medication without a prescription. However, Lortab is a pain medication that usually takes 12 hours to completely leave your system.