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How can I get rid of the salt in my body?



In a normal body, the kidneys will keep the proper amount of salt in your body. If you drink lots of water, the kidneys will just flush out the extra water (not salt). So if you are healthly, your salt will stay balanced because of your kidneys. In fact, drinking too much water can be very harmful.
Salt becomes an issue with a number of different medical issues, at which point drugs may help remove salt.


Well if you have a problem, take in less salt. Otherwise your body just gets rid of it naturally, through sweat and urine. You can help it along a bit by drinking water, but that’s about it.


i believe lots of water will help flush your system thus removing salt from your body


drink more water
excersise also helps


Lots of water and sweating the salt out.


Salt is absolutely necessary for cells to maintain fluid balance. You can die without proper salt balance.


drink loads of water and if possible boil half a cup of cilantro seeds in a half gallon of water. let it boil for long.take the extract cool and drink it..
it is an age old indian herbal medicine


Water pills or diuretics help expel the salt via your kidneys. But please consult your doctor before taking any water pill.


Sweating releases excess salt. Salt is also released in urine. Don’t drink excess amounts of water to flush out salt, drink small amounts of PURE cranberry juice throughout the day.


Drinking a large amount of water will flush the salt from your body, however, be careful, because
1 – Your body needs some salt to function normally
2 – It IS possible to overdose, and possibly die, by consuming too much water


Salt does not get flushed out of the body by water. In fact, water FOLLOWS salt, which is managed by the kidneys.
You need a proper balance of salt to live. Our electrolyes (sodium, potassium, chloride) are tightly controlled by homeostatic mechanisms. Don’t go messin’ with it!
If your sodium levels get too low, you’ll have seizures and can die. Look up “hyponatremia”.