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How can I get a hold of Ritalin? Or any other medication with the same effects?

I’m a college student that has a really hard time concentrating and staying on task. I have done the whole self diagnosis thing and I’m sure I at least have a light case of ADD.
I have never been diagnosed with ADD because I never had the opportunity to be diagnosed. My family is the type that would only take me to the doctor if I had something broken and any misbehavior correlating with ADD was dealt with a good *** kicking.
My classes are going to be getting more intense than ever this upcoming year (OChem, Multivariable Calc, Physics, BioChem) now that I’m a third year and I need all the mental aid I can get.
So please, try to tell me the easiest possible way to obtain this medication preferably without the whole long diagnosing and prescribing process. Thank You.



go to a therapist and they could diagnose you. then they’ll send you to somebody that could give you medicine [i forgot the name] but when they do, ask for addrall. i’m taking it right now and it does ALOT better then ritalin. and it makes a cool crinking noise when i swallow it.
P.S. my doctors said that is made B-C patients get str8 As in school


Go to a doctor and they will give it to you if they see fit.


Simple… go to a doctor. You’re old enough to do it and not get an asskickin’, aren’t you?


Go to your doctor…you are old enough to go alone. Just sit with your dr. and talk to him/her. You may even be asked to fill out some type of questionnaire to see if you have ADD symptoms.


If you’re on a college campus, it won’t be hard to get amphetamines. Heck, I live in a small rural area, and it seems there’s a crystal meth lab behind every other tree!
As a diagnosing physician, you have a fool for a patient.


Go to a doctor tell her what you want it for and her answer will be no. If you have ADD, something will be prescribed that will help you most likely. Avoid Crystal Meth, really.