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How can i become a woman to meet the personal intrest to be more femimnine ?

inf o on operations and best places for surgery in cali, europe
resident-chile.. we dont have it there!



I do not understand your question but if you are talking about sex operation to become a female than the best place or doctors are in SINGAPORE.I know alot of males who had sex changes from S’PORE.If I mistook your question than I am sorry.


Being feminine has nothing to do with working, so if you are in the health care area, rethink what you are doing, seriously..


It depends on your age and body build up. If you are young, it may be achieved just by hormone therapy. Few injections and oral medicines for some period will work wonders for you.
Any surgery will put some marks permanently on your body.
You may try Traditional Indian Medical science – Ayurveda under guidance of Ayurveda University of repute in India. This will require to stay in Ayurveda hospital for few days, observing strict food and daily routine exercises and massage, bath and like therapeutic treatments. There will be no injections or any surgery at all.