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How can i be honest with a doctor?

sometimes, i am so STUPID.
went to the dr for repeat perscription for anti deps today. was supposed to be comming off, but after ongoing suicidal thoughts, and self harming several times a day, i guessed i’m not really ready!
get to dr, and rather than the usual gp, get new (scarey looking) locum. bottled it, and mumbled something about being fine, have another months low dose script, and “feels better” all over my notes.
what the hell is wrong with me? how am i ever going to get sorted unless i can be honest with the gp?



Start by being honest with yourself. Then go to the doctor and explain whats going on. He can only treat you if he knows.


I don’t know but being honest with your doctor is the only way you will get the proper treatment you need to get better. Try very hard to be as honest as possible, go into your doctors office with that in mind.


If you are on antidepressants and are still having suicidal thoughts, they may be making you worse. Some antidepressants have that effect on certain people. It may be that you need to change to a different family of drugs. Your doctor will know about others.
It is sometimes very hard to be assertive with your doctor. Maybe the best thing to do would be to keep notes or a journal about how you’ve been feeling outside of the medical office. Then make a new appointment right away, tell them about the suicidal thoughts (they WANT to know that for sure!) Then go in with your notes in hand and refer to them. Tell the truth!! You don’t have to go on feeling this way!! Once they know what’s going on they can help you better.
If you don’t feel you’re getting the best care, or are uncomfortable with your regular doctor, it may be best to go to mental health professionals instead of a gp.


don’t be afraid from him he’ll never expose your secrets.


Sorry for short answer but the only one who can lift you out of depression is YOU,All the others Tablets,GP.etc are just help.Good luck,I am referring to my own experiences.PAX.


dont worry return tommmorrow and all will be fine