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How can I be a good Doctor?



Treat your patients the same way you would like to be treated. Never forget that you are a human and your patients too. Sometimes how you treat a person, how well you listen, can be the difference between a successful therapy or a failed therapy. Learn as much as you can at school, keep the good things, erase the useless ones. Be smart, be assertive, be human.


Dedicate yourself to your studies and to the care of people..


put patients first and don’t ever take “shortcuts”.


GO to school??


By not having been a half *** student.


prescribe me pills lol


say “hmmm.that’s interesting” a lot.


think about the patient and not the money


Send me a script for Vicodin


Study and try to go back to college for masters if havent got it. Or ask Doctor friends that are profetioals to help you and be your study guide on how to be better


Really listen to your patients and make them feel like they are the most important thing in the world to you (which they should be when you are dealing with them). Ask about things going on in their lives (family, work) which will also give you an idea of stress that could be impacting their health and also makes you seem interested–take a note of this after they leave so the next time you see them you can follow up. Know your stuff cold and translate it into simple English (or whatever language) and make sure they understand. It’s better to admit you don’t know something and look it up than to give incorrect information. Say
“I’m not sure. My gut instinct would say xyzabc, but I need to double check. I’ll look it up and give you a call.” (and then do it). Allow time for questions, but try to anticipate them and answer them before they are asked.


if you are seriously going that way? by not being one of the omg arseholes that confuses depression with grief and sadness and prescribes chemical cosh to MY clients!! i work as a psychotherapist with ex- and not so ex-addicts and a MAJOR problem is the emotional illiteracy of uk gps who throw chemical ‘solutions’ at emotional problems!!
‘scuse the rant but i’ve seen too many people die as a result – stick to what you know!!
if you want a good working model that you will sooo not see in medical training – check out rowan’s ‘the reality game’…try to hold the god-complex in check when you’re reading the more left-field chapters and forget what he says about supervision – it’s just plain lazy there.


Hmm…make sure you study your materials ALOT-> you can never know too much. Don’t slack on any research they may ask of you, you want to be able to solve problems with ease and efficiently. Ask the patients questions that will diagnose them properly and make them feel comfortable. Studying is abig part of being a doctor I think. My brother is a doctor and this is what I get from talking to him. Hope what I said helps a bit…


Know everything. Study so thoroughly. Learn from the experience of all the medics you meet….select the finest of them and aspire to be like them. Make them take you seriously. Put as much of your life as you can into it without ruining your health or your happiness and so lessening your ability to function as a doctor. Justify huge confidence in yourself. Empathize with your patients but be curt with them if their wasting your time. Keep up to date and never loose your pride and satisfaction in the work that you do.
Really I’m in no position to answer this question, I don’t even watch ER, this is just my imaginary ideal Doctor!


By knowing how to communicate with your patients, dont talk in a medical language they dont understand, look them in the eye, know that what you decide for your patients effects them forever, be prepared to spend time with them even if you are busy, OWN UP to your mistakes, BE HONEST – if you dont know why – dont make a guess unless you are absolutely sure. LISTEN to them – they know their own symptoms.