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How can a 51 year old man increase his sex drive?



Talk to a urologist. That’s what I did and it helped a lot. Couple of things, though:
1) A decline in sex drive is perfectly normal for your age;
2) Don’t pay so much attention to our cultural fanaticism regarding sex – there is more to life than just “it”.
3) You might want to consider hormonal therapy, such as testosterone – but, be careful…there are some fairly serious side-effects to testosterone therapy and some men don’t do well with it. If you do choose this, be sure that you are monitored carefully by a competent doctor at all times.
4) Erectile dysfunction medication does nothing for your sex drive. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra simply facilitate the blood flow to the penis during arousal. If you can’t get aroused, all the medication will do is give you side effects, such as stuffy sinuses and headaches.
5) Unless this is a problem in your marriage, consider your decline in libido a blessing. Now you can live in relative peace.




herbally take some Damania, Sasprilla, Ginseng, Yohimbe Bark, Long Jack.


Do things that make you feel better about yourself, so you feel more attractive and in turn want to be apart of someone else. Find something that makes you feel good. If it is something else causing this, like meds maybe you should change them up.


With a 21 yo woman (or guy if you are so inclined)


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