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How big is the average penis size and does size matter?

i am around 5 inches so i was just wondering



Size does not matter.
Its the affection and attention a woman receives, not length or girth. the rest is folktale


Age affects the size.
Obviously if you are 14, you’re smaller than you will be when you’re 26.


6 inches is the average and you shouldnt worry about being small as that does not matter, if your are too big, any bigger than 8 then it will hurt and you will find it hard to find woman willing for sex.


Folks say 6″ is average. If a girl complains about 5″ figure she is a **** and move on. It really is more how you use it than what you have as long as we are talking about more than 4″ imho.


Average is about 7ish inches. You can enlarge it by doing some exercises every day. Just stretches and that type of thing.