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How big is small normal big?

size for a man thing
i know its all in a matter of opinion but
what do girls think?
dont answer fast just to be the first one up there, just think and answer



5″ and under is small
6″ is normal
7″ and above is big


1″ small. 5″ nomal. 10″ big.


haha, since im a girl.. for me, size does matter!
big = 8 and up
normal = 5-8
small = lower than 4 ..


I think it realy matters when you start your grouthspurt,but if you realy want to know, if you 15 or older your penis shoud be 6inches when an erection happens.


the average is about 6 inches. do id say 5 and below may be small and 7 and avove may me big. depends on the girl. if your still going through puberty, dont worry about it right now.


1-4″ small
5-6″ average
7″ and up big