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Honest Penis Size?

I am 16 & have only a 3 inch penis when erect. I am concerned it will not be any larger. I need an honest answer, PLEASE, will it get bigger?



you can keep growing until you are into your 20’s, relax, don’t worry about it


Ok ur just 16. No biggie. Wait about 4-5 years for your penis to get into its mature phase, and then you should see if it gets bigger. Don’t worry it will eventually. Also, a lot of it comes from race, general growth and stuff. Look into it a bit more, but trust me what I said is true.


chill, your still growing ! !


i was worried i was small and im 61/2 non erect


ok, well, it may not seem much now but us guys don’t sto growing till we’re 25, you have loads of time to be bigger, but i can’t garentee you’re gonna be like 7 or something but it’ll be bigger than 3inches before you’re an adult. keep your head up! [no pun intended you sick freaks lol]


Yes it is normal and yes it will grow until you are about 18.
How much it grows depends on how big your father is and how big your mothers father is. There are ways to be even bigger.


Size is not a big matter, the most important is girl get to use it. Even you get a flag staff size but no girl use, it better to dump it.


im 19 and im just over 5 1\2 in