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Honest penis size growth question?

I was wondering if having a 7.5 inch penis size at age of 17 was normal and if it is, will it still grow?



Well 7.5 is a prettygood size, it could grow more in the next few years, but i doubt that it will grow by much. As mentioned, the average size for a full grown male is 4-6 inches so you are already above average. Every person is different, so its all normal, dont worry about it and enjoy it


As far as I am aware that is normal and the average size for an adult is 6 inches.


The normal penis is 5.6 to 6 inches and for satisfying regular women you need 4 inches of it yours is little extra chances are that it will grow but you will face problems in reaching the climax like you wont get satisfy easily


im 17 n i got a 5 incher! its normal man just give it to the ladies a bit early n have fun while ur smalll!


Another joke question.


it is not likely to grow any further.


u r normal form side of size, what u have to check now the function of it does it work?