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Homeopathic medicine for Rejuvenation

I had very very dense hair some years ago . I am only 30yrs old. I had been to some homeopathic doctor’s in the past & after talking their medicine for quiet some time there was no big improvement.
I request any experienced Homeopathic doctor, who might have solved any similar problem as mine,to suggest some medicines, which i can take to solve the above related problem. I beleive nothing is impossible.please email me, the medicines, which i can try, which have been successful by you( ie.any experienced homeopathic doctor) in the past.



invest in some silicia gel (tabs or liquid), rosemary herbs, rosemary tinture, rosemary essential oil mixed with jojoba oil.
peace out and hope things work out ok.


Arnica Hair oil does wonders. Good luck!


I believe Homoeopathy is less medicine and more philosophy 🙂 . ‘Doctor Batras’ are claimed to be best Homoeopath. But since I have also been suffering [I am still, but now I do not consider it suffering 😉 ], and searched a lot, there are conclusive remarks that there is no remedy for male pattern baldness. In Elopathy I have read that Mintop really does magic, so you can try that.
Good Luck.