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Home treatment what to eat what not?

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You don’t specify what you are trying to accomplish with this home treatment, but a generally healthy diet will have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable (some raw), beans or soy, and very little or no meat or poultry. Vegetables with intense color are best — for example, choose broccoli instead of cauliflower, sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes most of the time. Fish, eggs, or dairy can be added if it helps you feel better. Nuts are good if you are not allergic. Drink plenty of water and try to keep your sugar intake low.
Many health experts suggest 1-2 small servings of an alcoholic beverage (red wine is best) each day, but you must not exceed two. Do not take alcohol if you have a personal or family history of addiction or if it igainst your religion.
Different people with different conditions need somewhat different diets, but a mostly plant-based diet is almost always the best. Be aware of your body so you can spot allergies or food sensitivities, which can sap your energy.