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His penis is 9 inches he is 26 Is this a normal size?

Will it be harmful to have sex with 9 inches?



~This is a large penis. Are you a virgin? If you are, it will hurt, but I don’t think it will “harm” you. You might want to reconsider having intercourse right now.~


no ofcourse not, hes normal enough and you should be able to deal with it.


The average man’s penis is six inches. It could be harmful to have sex no matter what length if you don’t take percautions to protect yourself and your partner.


Listen all power tools are dangerous in the wrong hands.
No, HE should do all he can to ensure that HE is not harming you.


only you will know if it hurts you. and that should be the only thing that matters


You can simply take control of the situation by being on top the first time. If this is your first time with this amount of mass, you may have to take your time and adjust. In this position you will have full control of the depth of penetration. Take your time. I would recommend using lube the first time. If you feel comfortable switch positions and enjoy!


it is bigger for normal size luck man !


it’s no problem for me! 🙂


The size, assuming that its not real skinny, would be in the “big” or “very big” range. Its not ABNORMAL by any means since alot of guys are that big, but its definetly not the “average”. It can DEFINETLY be harmful to slam things repeatedly into your cervix and uterus.
Your uterus and cervix are about 5-6 inches deep(or so) inside of your vagina, but there is something called “tenting” that a girl does during sexual arousal. If your boyfriend can sexually arouse you enough to the point where you are tented, your cervix and uterus will literally retract secveral inches FURTHER into your body, and the length and width of your vagina itself will increase substantially. Even if you still havn’t expanded to 9 inches deep, a penis that size probably isn’t going to hurt you if its all the way in you, because it will just begin to expand your vagina itself even further. You will probably get a feeling of being “filled up” and you will like it very much.
The most important thing you need to understand is that a girl becomming sexually aroused is equivalent with relaxation. If you start to get aroused to the point where your ready, your vagina is not a tense and tight; you are much more relaxed. And just because you are getting wet, doesn’t mean you are completely aroused. You can use lube, and lots of foreplay to get you going, or an alternative method is to just kindof put it in their with caution going slowly and not so deep at first; then as the initial pain subsides(if there is any pain) and you start to become sexually relaxed and aroused as it continues, he can start to go deeper.