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Hints please ladies only ?

I would like some hints or tips for sexual intercourse and other activities to pleasure my lady and for me to get better. The more tips the better.



1.ask her what would make her feel nice or what she enjoys.
2. be gentle in what ever ares you are rubbing touching kissing untill she indicates she may want more
3.look and reallly focus on her through the whole session
hope this helps.


I suggest that you ask your partner. When she gets all hot and bothered, whisper to her “Tell me what you want” and she will!


Look up Kama Sutra, and get some ideas, but if you are asking for hints, make sure she gets taken care of too if you know what I mean. Lot’s of guys are done when they are done if you know what I mean and that feels a lot like wham bam thank you mam to us, and that don’t feel so special. Take your time, set the mood, and at least act like you think her feeling matter.


Ask HER what feels best to HER…during lovemaking is a good time to find out, when inhibitions are low. Tell her you want to please her, that pleasing her is a turn on for you. She’ll respond positively…have fun!


how do clowns like you even get “ladies”? if you don’t already know then you don’t deserve her!


Tips can give u imaginary enjoyment.