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Hiiiii plz answer this?

whenever i try 2 run a song from you tube .com the song doesnt play continuously
instead it runs fur some time then it stops for some time and then starts again
this happens again an again so i cannot listen 2 my song continuously….
why does this happen (my coms RAM is 126)
does this happens cause of its low ram



This has n’tng to do with health, does it? Anyways, even i face the same problem. i think this is some trick made from You Toube itself, to stop unnecessary users to log in.I’m not sure though. If u find some solution to it, do write to me.


why is this in health?


service it!!!!!!!!!!


wate for it to buffer


I’m not really sure… Try refreshing (press button F5). That’s what I do, and it works for me.
Hope this helps.


It has something to do with your internet connection. Plus your RAM is 126? Maybe it 128? If the connection is really slow, just wait ’cause its buffering.