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High voice?

Well i haven’t completed pubrity yet. But I have always had a high voice. all my life. I try to make it lower but I can’t. Because of this i get made fun of. How can i change my voice?



Dude, everyone goes though puberty differently.
Just wait and eventually, it will deepen.
My voice dropped when I was twelve.


This is normal when you are going through puberty, your voice will start to get lower as you age in the teens years-the 20s. No need to worry. Let nature take it’s course.


Don’t worry unless you are that guy from Seinfeld whose voice keeps getting mistaken for his wife’s.
Haha, thats great. Hopefully you don’t end up like that.


well go to a mouth doctor or something they should spay something in your mouth to make your voice lower or you can always go to a plastic surgen they have those spayer too just like the doctor, but they use it for gay men or lesbian and stuff liek that