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High school shower?

im in grade 9 next year, and im not very big down there an\d havent gone throught puberty yet, any tips for going into the highschool shower.



you wont be alone


Don’t worry about it.


Dont drop the soap.


yes, relax. The guys in the shower are not going to be comparing particularly, and there is nothing you can do about it anyway. IF someone makes a nasty comment, tell them it is a grower…ask them if they would like to make it grow..that will stop the crap in the shower quickly!


If anyone asks tell them to bend over and it will grow. Seriously no one should look and if they comment just laugh at them call em gay and they will shut up I promise. ~GL


Don’t worry… you’ll get there! I don’t think you are going to be the only one…


When you get into the showers in high school, just mind your own business, if you do you will find that most of the others will be doing the same!


Altho you just may feel otherwise, trust me as the mother of sons who been there, at your age, LOTS of boys are in the same boat as you, feeling the same way, and worrying the same as you are. Youre really are not alone at this stage in your life. Youll do fine, but if youre really embarrased about it, just keep your towel on till you reach the shower, and if you guys are all in one big shower together, just act like youre wearing bathing trunks or something. Dont call attention to yourself…Wash up, wrap up, and go get dressed. If someone says something, dont take it personal…the ones who shoot off their mouths are usually the ones who want to take the attention off of themselves. Kid around about it so noone knows it bothers you…Its all a part of growing up.my sons all went thru it…you will survive.
LOVE Goldwings answer!


I never once showered in high school and unless something has changed, showers are not mandatory. Just don’t shower at school. If you get that sweaty, dry off the sweat with a towel, use some deodorant and a spray or 2 of cologne. That will keep you smelling fresh for the rest of the day.


Don’t put to much thought into it. The next guy shouldn’t be looking anyway. If he does comment on it tell everyone around you that this guys was just checking out *******. When that comment get around school he will quickly be the butt of jokes and it shoud stop the commenting. You can’t help who you are. If they say something tell’em your a grower not a show’er and you ain’t growin’ for them. Don’t let them get to you buddy most of went through the same nervousness at one point in time about one thing or another


Don’t worry about it. It’s your body, be proud. Anybody says something ask them if they want to study the situation. No one should bother you. Keep cool.


do your thing and get out,no big deal !


See, for me it was Jr. High I was forced to take showers, and yeah they horsed around like that, joking and such, (it was the round showers thing) but really it was bad at first but that gose away and you get used to it.
beacuse it was around jr.high, I was allways more afraid of getting a random ***** for no reason as that happend alot in jr.high for me, but it didnt. and I lived. and you will too.
Just call whoever looks at it gay.


ok, i’m 14 and in ninth grade next year. Don’t worry, no one is really gonna be that big. Tell you what, find out how big you are erect and non erect, write back please. By the way, average is between4-6 when you’re about 14. I’m 5, i’m perfectly normal. Besides, you grow at least another 2 inches.


lol dont worry about it. when someone commets, just ask why they were lookin or come up with a mean thing and end up callin them gay.
it always works 🙂


Don’t sweat over your package at your age. You might have a 10 incher by the time you stop growing. Anyhow, its a little scary the first time because you haven’t done it before, but the next day it will be no big deal.
Whatever you do, don’t let on that you are scared or else the other guys will pick on you. Just act like you have been showering naked in public all your life.
I had to shower naked with the guys in HS after PE class. It was mandatory for us. Failing to shower completely nude resulted in a zero for the day. On guy tried to shower in his swimsuit and the other guys knocked him down and ripped it off him. So,like I said, its best not to do or say anything that would cause the other guys to think you’re scared.
The truth is that they are all probably scared too on the first day, but by picking on someone that is more scared diverts attention away from themselves.


i just got out of high school and the last semister took gym, and it not required to shower. just relax. alot of guys dont go through puberty until high school.