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High school physical on Monday?

Everybody needs to get one regardless if they are doing sports or not. Well, my dad is taking me and he has to come in (to talk about diabetes and celiac). They give me 2 shots and a examination of the body. That is what I am worried about. The check of the penis area. So, since my dad will be in the office, it will be weird. And I am shy so it will be hard to tell him to look away. But if I do, I have a mole above the penis that the doc always asks my parents about it, like if I’ve had it my hole life and it will need to be removed). Last year, when I was diagnosed with diabetes, he said the same thing except my mom was there. Also, I am worried about him seeing I have pubic hair. Same last year, my mom saw the hair and my voice hadn’t changed so it could have been a shock. This year, my voice still is high pitched and doesn’t crack and my dad will see the hair. It will be awkward. What if he asks me about it? I am the middle child of three and the oldest boy so I have the only pubic



having that mole there must not help much at all.
Expessialy if its RIGHT above that area.
For some strange reason I think parents dont realize that the docs are checking that area or assume we dont care. Ask the doc privetly to ask your dad to leave beacuse your uncomfortable with him in the room when he checks that area.
As for the mole, im sure you heard enough about it that youd be able to say anything and if your parents seen it before (i know its diffrient now) then if it didnt like mutate or anything then he wouldnt need to see it again at all. I would think anyway. I mean even though your a minor…there is docter patiant confidentiality.


I remember going for a physical last year for wrestling with my mom. What i did was simply asked her to leave the room. I’m thinking the same should apply with your dad, since a visit to a doctor should be personal. But any way there is nothing you should be embarrassed about, i am sure your dad went through the same thing when he was a teen.


you re at the age where the doctor will ask you if YOU want your parents in the room when he examines your penis.if you say you dont want them in then they should respect your decision…before you exam talk to your parents about you being shy…or that you have some physical changes …the more open you are the easier it will be..good luck


let the examiner know how you feel. they should be compassionate enough to understand. there could be a curtain placed between you and your father were answers can still be given but your privacy still kept.


I Just Got One Like A Month Ago And My Mom Took Me And I Wouldnt Even Let Her In The Room With Me. It’d Just Be TOO Creepy


First of all you are in High School and you parents know you have went thru or are going thru puberty so why are you embarrased about body hair? It might be more embarrasing to not have it at your age. secondly your mom in the room would be a little strange but your DAD come on you are both men in the family , I will never understand why people are so ashamed of nudity!! you have seen your dad naked Im sure!! anyways, At your age your doc should be professional enough to ask your family member wether mom or dad to step out of the room if he is examining your penis and or asking you questions about it, after the exam if your parent wants to know anything let the ask the doc!! now last, What would your dad ask you about your hair?? where you got it from? how much did it cost? come on quit being silly, Body hair is natural and as adults we all have some so quit being ashamed of your hair and your body and Im not saying go show it off to everyone but I think your ad seeing some pubs or the penis will be ok.


Some good advice you’ve received. But will also add– get over your concerns about your dad seeing you naked. You need to learn that as you mature, it is quite normal and natural for guys to see other guys naked, your dad of all people has seen you bare butted hundreds of times, so no reason to be embarrassed in front of him– in fact try to not act self conscious about dropping your pants and underwear, show him you are a developing man and proud of it. He’ll respect you more than if you turn around or hide in the corner.