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Hi this is about my pubic hair ? ? guys help but girls i need your opinion

i am 14 years old and my pubic hair seems to be fairly long and thick down there!! (not over the top) is this good, bad, ok?
please help me!! (please, sensible answers! Thanx)
do people like less hair or more??



Dude, guys do all sorts of things with their public hair. Some leave it as is, some trim it and some shave it off. It’s really up to you. If you think it is too long than get a trimmer with attachments and trim it to a desire length.


i shouldn’t tell you this your only 14 but girls dont really like hair down their we like it as much as a boy would like hair on a girl


Frankly, dude, you’re kinda young to be worried about what the girls will think. If girls ARE seeing it, then I doubt they’re old enough to know WHAT to think about it… Don’t worry about it. No one will care. Really.


man dont worry about it, if its really long just trim it, its natural to get pubes you know 🙂


Just worry about what you like. It’s your body.


less is more


hey, im 15!
and very pretty.
haha, anyways.
i was just kidding about the pretty part.
i was gonnna say.
trim it?
keep it neat.
so if a girl decides to give you a bl0wj0b; [:
uhmm, itll be very pretty down theree.
ms aungg.


These days, younger guys (30 and under) shave – the most usual thing is to trim the area around the penis, and to shave the scrotum. You can use a regular razor, or buy a body groomer.


Congratulations! The hair means you are becoming a man! It would be very sad if you decided to reject this sign of your manhood by removing the hair. Puberty is not really reversibile, but unfortunately a lot of guys have to try. 🙁