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Hi ppl im 21 yrs old guy nowadays i have lots of sexual feelings i wannna



Do fasting.


sexual feelings at your age is natural and normal,
you should keep your eyes and mind open so no mistake is done
chances are there to do mistakes at times like this,
believe you me,
don`t rigidly froce to stop that feelings, just accept that feelings
as such, you are not the only at this age, i used to have the
same feeling when i was at your age,
it`s not going to last longer, if you don`t promote it unknowingly,
be aware what you do and think, when the feeling comes,
accept it i do have sexual feeling, it has come and it will go
i will not support right now.
that` all.


Engage yrself in sports, reading books etc. so u will have less of free time.


the best way to stop this feeling is masturbate


in this age u have some hormonal changes in your body.due to which you are now charged with excessive energy.So,try to engage yourself in games and sports, reading books,travelling,going to movies,drawing,writing,poetry,… photos,aerobics,physical exercises ,etc. It means that u have to dissipate your energy packets so u will have less of free time.
u may sometimes go for occational masterbation.
the last choice u have that u go for marriage.


its quite normal, but too much of feelings are also not good. try taking up some things that can divert ur thoughts a little bit.


Its normal,try to concentrate in ur studies
Best of luck


You are in your early adult and late teen stage.
Its natural to have sexual arousal now.
Divert your attention towards education,art,sports ,Yoga etc to give something else your mind to relish on.
It will take a different route by itself.


for controlling ur mind practice yoga


u can not easily control urself but just concentrate on ur studiesor do yoga prananayanam which will really help u to increase ur concentration, nd i beleive tht will make u busy frm those feeling but its natural , u cn control by just not thinking of it too much