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Hi i want to loose fat and gain muscle does creatine help?



Loose fat – you need to do cardio work and eat a high protein low carb diet.
Creatine will help you put on size and lift more if you take it and train hard.


I had a friend that was on creatine for a year or so and he got huge, fast, …but the funny thing was…when he stoped working out because he got a full time job he shrunk like crazy!…if i were you i would just exercise and lift weights.So, instead of creatine, drink protein shakes instead.


creatine makes ur muscles hold alot of water thats y u look big but as soon a s u stop u drain all that fluid ur best bet is protien it takes longer but its ur body actualy making more muscle. try taking 25 mg of protien 30 min before and 30 min after every work out to gain and push ur self to go slow on ur reps ull work ur muscles more