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Hi I m a 32yrs married man b4 1 yr i used to get very good erection everyday bu

i get it on alternate days only… what can i do to improve my erection and please suggest some herbal or food based remedy… thanks



You sound completely normal. Perhaps you are a little more stressed about things in your daily life. Perhaps you haven’t been getting enough sleep, good diet, exercise… All these things can effect you. But most importantly, if you are enjoying a good marriage and good sex life, you’re fine. Your body may need a day off from time to time. And don’t forget, a good sex life isn’t just about the actual sex. Be more romantic, and you never know…


Your body is performing normally and naturally. Forget about that other stuff.
You don’t need to have sex every day and this is what’s going on with your body – it’s reacting according to what’s needed.
In regard to Viagra, the person who invented it should be dragged through the cactus. Don’t listen to those clueless people below.




Stop looking at gay porn and look at your wife…


Maybe it’s all in your mind. Try talking to your partner. PLEASE don’t act like it does’nt exist. Your partner will feel like it’s her fault that your unable to obtain an erection. One suggestion is Viagra. I worked in the med. field for 13 years. It does work but you need a Rx.


pro viagra x its a great herbal


~Do you have to have intercourse every other day?! Why not have intercourse when you feel like it instead? I suggest a lot of foreplay, and take it slow.
Next time, think about your question thoroughly before posting so that it makes sense, and please check your spelling, it really helps.~


Alternate days “ONLY”, is quite good. U r doing fine. Dont get greedy. U do not require any remedy.
By the way, the more u think about it, the worst it may get because 90 percent cases of impotence have a psychological back ground.
Just relax & enjoy ur life.


when in doubt seek medical attention


you are getting older,be happy that you are able to get at least on alternate days.