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Hi I am a 13 years old boy and want to remove my under arm s hair without itchin

They cause sweat please tell how to control that sweat they even doesnot looks good when I used to wear sleeveless t shirts I have cut them with scissor but they cause too much itching then I want to remove them without itching how?



get a trimmer and trim it . your job will be done .


As I know no way.


Leave the hair alone and get used to it. You don’t want to start shaving there, trust me. People are used to seeing hair under the arms of men–it is no big deal.


use a razor. simple.
agree with fungusbrains1. keep them there and you will look MAN!


Erm just use deoderant and shower\bathe…


Sorry, kiddo, that’s puberty. Better to tell mom and go see a dermatologist for the sweat if you really wanna solve the problem. Don’t be embarrass, it’s human nature, but you have to ask for help. Ask the doctor about an anti-perspirant called drysol, better yet Google it and find out for yourself. As for the hair you can shave it. Just borrow one of your mom’s or dad’s. goodluck.




Hi nephew! You know you’re my cat.
That sounds like a bad idea to me.


dont remove it…im 13 too.it makes you more of a man and i know what your going through just tuff it out


use scissors and apply talc.


y yar .. u r just 13. dont indulge in all these things.


umm if it smells like margeritas or peaches it is the best kind of hair removale you can us it any where and i mean it pimps up hoes down


quit being gay and make peace with your hair. it is there for a reason. And Oh yeah, take regular showers. Look on the internet and try to find your biological father. He should be able to answer all of your questions reguarding odors and such.


use an anti perspirant roll and let those hair be in place..
take a shower daily without fail


You are right about the hair creating sweat. It’s main purpose in fact is to keep the scent there. Yes, that BO has pheromones in it. However, these days, we are so chemically overlaiden that most people couldn’t tell a pheromone from any other thousands of scents that people wear. At any rate, you can shave it off. While it is not commonly practiced here in America, it’s more common than one might think. Keeping it shaved requires less deoderant and definitley less maintainence. Just be carefule with a razor and you can solve your own problem. Don’t worry about not being “manly” few people equate pit hair with attractiveness. You’d be better off keeping yourself looking kept and being confident in your own body than trying to matcht the ever changing world of fashion trends. So shave, and learn how great it really is. And as for the women, they reall love it!!


i’ve never done it before!!