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Hi i am 19 male i was only just 5 3 but my parents are mare than me my growth ma

as it delayed my growth.i want to increase my height ,improve voice,fairness,body fitness ,to overcome pre mature ejaculation problem,beard , moustache,my weight is 52 kgshow can i over come this problem



52kg is fine for your height. Exercise to reach your maximum height =]


I am 55 kg and 174 cm. You can still grow. Generally, men grom till age of 22 more or less. Try playing more basketball or do more pullups. Also, you should sleep at least 8 hours. There is also this way from alternative medicine: before sleeping massage your foor thumb circular (clockwise) for five minutes. Premature ejaculation… Try going slower when do you feel that you will ejaculate. Once you feel that “danger” is over, pick up the pace again and so on. Or think of boring things. Beard and mustache aren’t a problem. Just shawe once a day or two. You could exercise more, put don’t do exercises (at least not with weight that exceeds 10% of your total mass) that where you lift heavy weights while standing.